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Natalie Dixon

Position: Head of Housekeeping

About Natalie

Natalie was born and raised in the UK. Just being able to walk, Natalie put on her dancing shoes, and at just 2 years old took up ballet and tap dancing. She continued to enjoy the performing arts and during her teenage years, Natalie was part of a girl band called ‘Fusion’.

After leaving school Natalie realised her love for beauty therapy and became a nail technician. Looking for adventure and a warmer climate, Natalie moved to Cape Town where she studied Health and Skincare. She loved it so much she resided there for 5 years.  Her friends already part of the yachting community, inspired her to join the industry. This enabling her to travel and explore even more parts of the world.


Nationality – British

Language– English

Previous Yachts– Titania is Natalie’s 1st yacht and has now been onboard almost 2 years

Interests- Beauty therapy, fashion, travel and photography